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February 16, 2010

A Caprese Salad and Hugo

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This is my first salad posting! Doesn’t say much about my eating habits does it?

For the record, I love veggies (no, really. You can ask my mother if you want :).

My husband, on the other hand, is a whole different story.

The boy’s favorite vegetable is bacon, so the less said, the better I think.

Anyway, in case you were wondering, there is a point to all this.

My husband loves this salad. Really, actually, truly loves it.

So it must be good right?

Wrong. Its wayyy better than good.

See, I’m not really a big fan of the traditional caprese salad. Slices of tomato and cheese just don’t cut it for me.

Bite size pieces of cheese and cherry and grape tomatoes, now we’re talking a good caprese.

I apologize in advance to all caprese purists.

On to the recipe!

Mozzarella, salt, pepper, basil, olive oil and tomatoes!

Now repeat with me.



Basil and pepper

(I forgot to take a picture of the olive oil, but trust me, if there was ever an occasion to break out the best stuff, this is it!)


Tomatoes, tomatoes….


Don’t they look amazing?

The tomatoes I’ve used here are a mixed lot…

I love how the colors pop.

Makes you want to reach out and grab one, doesn’t it?

Ok, now moving on to making the salad. In a salad bowl, throw in the tomatoes (cut into bite sized pieces)

Add the mozzarella.

Again, we’re going for bite sized; so if you can’t find bocconcini, either cut up the freshest mozzarella you wan find, or try to be fancy and use a melon scoop like I did.

Kinda made a mess of it didn’t I?

That was intentional. It gives it the whole process the human element, I think.

Alright, alright!

I can see you aren’t buying it. I screwed up.

It’s not like you’re perfect.


Ok, so follow that up with the basil.

Then the salt.

(or sea salt if you’re trying to be fancy like I am)

(Hey, I tried! Stop judging me!)

Crack some pepper over that.

Drizzle some olive oil.

We’re almost ready!!

But not quite ready.

This is the part that will make the purists cringe.

I like adding some good balsamic vinegar to the salad just before serving.

I know, I know! But you need to try it with balsamic vinegar.

A caprese salad without balsamic is like, well, like a dog’s tail without a wag.

I’m sorry, that last bit was just bizarre. I realize.

I miss Hugo.

Can you tell?

This is Hugo.

He’s all the way in India.

It’s been 2 months and 14 days since I saw him.

And he’s going to be here sooon!! I can hardly wait!

Anyway, until then, there’s always a good caprese salad!

Although of course, once Hugo gets here, we’ll probably end up having bacon for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner.

His favorite vegetable is also bacon, you see.



tomatoes                  -       1 cup(grape, cherry or any other kind)

mozzarella               -       1 cup (bocconcini if you have it, or the regular kind)

Basil                          -      2 tbsp

olive oil                     -      enough to drizzle

salt and pepper       -       as needed

balsamic vinegar     -       a couple of splashes

Wash the tomatoes (basics, basics!)

If the tomatoes are too big, cut into bite sized pieces.

In a salad bowl, add the tomatoes and mozzarella (also in bite sized pieces).

Tear some basil leaves. Season with salt and freshly ground pepper.

Drizzle some olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the salad just before serving.


Do not let the salad sit in the dressing for any period of time. Serve immediately.

  1. I love balsamic vinegar, cant imagine salad without it :)
    Cherry tomatoes with mozzarella is awesome combo!

    Comment by Parita — February 17, 2010 @ 12:47 am
  2. @ parita – Thank you!

    Comment by Rajika — February 17, 2010 @ 11:29 am
  3. Okay you have the BEST food blog I have come across!

    Please never stop posting your fabulous recipes. :)
    This salad looks too yummy!

    Comment by Miss M — February 18, 2010 @ 5:34 am
  4. A salad with loads of cheese , now we are talking :) . . .and Hugo looks reaaaaalllllly cute . . .

    Comment by Priya — February 18, 2010 @ 8:39 am
  5. I love the colors here :)

    Comment by Vasi — February 18, 2010 @ 9:00 am
  6. @ Miss M – thank you SO much! :) that was the nicest thing i’ve heard in a long long time! :)
    @ Priya – thank you!
    @Vasi – thank you so much!

    Comment by Rajika — February 19, 2010 @ 8:46 pm
  7. Wow you’re clicking some amazing pictures! And great writing too! America is doing great for you, it seems :)

    As I said before, Hugo is beyond adorable. So glad he’s with you now!

    Comment by Avanika (Yumsilicious Bakes) — February 23, 2010 @ 1:55 am
  8. Does anyone have the recipe for chicken salad with? I’m looking for the recipe for chicken salad that has peas and potatoes…i had this at a baby shower on some tostadas and it was really good. does anyone have this recipe. thanx

    Comment by Salad Spinner — March 11, 2010 @ 4:10 am
  9. It sounds great! I love mozarella, hehe. You could try adding some almonds, their taste is awesome.


    Comment by Javi — January 10, 2011 @ 2:43 pm
  10. Hiya,
    I just stumbled upon your blog and absolutely love it! We have very similiar tastes in food and I can’t wait to go home this evening to try your macaroni & cheese recipe! Delighted to finally find a reliable Massaman recipe too because I’m dying to master this one. I used to eat it most days in the last Thai restaurant I worked in. If curries were drugs then Massaman is Crack!
    Anywhoo, just wanted to say keep on posting and I will stay tuned in. I have also started posting my recipies on facebook by special request of friends and family and I would be honoured if you checked it out:!/profile.php?id=100001742350264
    Eilise X

    Comment by Eilise — January 21, 2011 @ 10:39 am
  11. I can not express how thank you
    Already a great post!

    Comment by مركز تحميل الفلاش — August 12, 2011 @ 1:34 am
  12. Thanks for the tomato caprese recipe, love the photos and blog! Can I ask what camera you use? Beautiful photos, they look like they came from a cookbook….

    Comment by Cindy — July 7, 2013 @ 6:06 am

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